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Oh, my, what we could do if we all got together to do it!

I have been captured by this ‘Prayer for Unity,” which really sums this up.  It is attributed to Champ Traylor. Will you sincerely join me in this prayer?


Our Father, we thank You for the privilege of being together at this time and in this place.

As Your people, we pray that Your love will unite us into a fellowship of discovery.

Cleanse us of everything that woud sap our strength for togetherness.

Unravel the knots in our spirits.

Cleanse the error of our minds.

Free us from the bondage of ur negative imaginations.

Break down the barriers that sometimes keep us apart and cause us to drift along withut a dream.

As we go from here, explode in us new possibilities for service.

Kindle within us the fires of Your compassion so that we may not wait too long to learn to love.

May we be a people with loving purposes…

Reaching out…

Breaking walls…

Building bridges…

Let us be Your alleluia in a joyless, fragmented world.

In the name of our Lord, we pray




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