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Direct my footsteps according to Your Word.  (Psalm 119: 133)

Could it be that on this day, you have in store some divinely-arranged appointments?  Will you cross paths with people, with situations, or with “eureka!” flashes in your spirit that teach you?  Are there individuals you know or don’t even know who are searching for a word or a touch that you might be privileged to give?

I’ve just returned from several days with my fellow speakers at National Speakers Association in Orlando.  I had a strong sense that I was going to be hearing more from God about a new direction and vision to which He’s been calling me.  His messages to me about this new mission have come in prayer times in which I’ve been still to listen,  through my recent inspirational readings and scripture studies, and from deep people needs I have observed over time.  I knew the what, but I needed greater clarity about the how.

I suspected that God would use other people to “elaborate and further explain.” I eagerly anticipated inspiration hrough the motivational speakers and teachers on the stage and through the ma-ny conversations one has at NSA.  (This is, after all, a group of speakers. You have to go hide in your room to get away from conversations!)  

On the plane to Orlando and early each morning, I prayed Psalm 199: 133. I asked Him to order my steps, not only according to the principles of His Word but also according to His immediate plans and divine appointments for me.  I asked Him to direct me to people and conversations in which I could be a blessing and be blessed at the same itme.  I asked the Holy Spirit to give me an elbow nudge when a certain conversation was more than a causal exchange of pleasantries.  And boy, did He answer my prayer!

On the plane back, I was pondering all of this. I made a list of conversations that stood out and what I took from them – as well as how I hope I may have been a significant blessing in their lives.

While I talked to LOTS of old friends and new friends, about 8 conversations came into my mind’s eyes and ears. Why did they stand out?  For one thing, God’s Spirit indeed had nudged me in the middle of them: “Pay attention!”  Second, each of these individuals unknowingly supplied a piece of the answers for which I was seeking from God. Coincidence?  Think not!

God often uses everyday people to teach, confirm, and challenge.  I am astonished when I look back and add it all up to equal clarity of renewed purpose and the all-important how-to’s of action.

I believe that often God speaks through others, but we discount it or glaze over in the middle of it.  We dismiss the “coincidence” as random. Thus, not only do we miss what God is trying to tell us, we miss the wonder of it all!

You don’t have ot be at a special place like a convention to walk aware of the divine appointments God arranges.  Sometimes, you simply get to observe a real-life example of something He wants you to understand.  Other times, that person you “just happen to” start talking to has something to share with you that you need – and vice versa.  In other instances, you make a connection who’s a link to a link you’ve been looking for but had no idea how you’d find it.

When your heart cry is to walk in God’s way and God’s will, He will gladly oblige by putting the people and the pieces in place that allow you to be a blessing and be blessed at the same time.  What an exciting way to live!  It’s the path of faith and expectation that who and what you need to fulfill God’s callings on your life will be there as you pray, listen, and walk.

As you go your way today, don’t miss seeing and showing up for the appointments God has set up – just for you!

God, walking with You is so exciting and comforting.  I know that what You have called me to do, You will show me how and provide the resources I need.  Lord, I don’t want to miss a a person or anything You have assigned to me! Holy Spirit, keep giving me those big elbow nudges.  I always want to say, “Yes!”






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