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And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. (Romans 8: 28)

Well, today is the 34th anniversary of The Hope Center!  I still remember the excitement and the nervousness I felt 34 years ago when we held that opening celebration.  As a single mom, I was leaving the security of a salaried position in mental health and walking into the uncertainty of my own practice.  Maybe I felt a little like Peter when he was stepping out of the solidness of the bottom of the boat and onto a raging sea – because the Lord had said, “Come!” I knew that God had said, “Yes! Come!” to this new plan, but in my humanness, I was pretty scared.

What a journey it’s been!  And what a privilege God has given me over the years as He has entrusted me to pour His Love and hopefully share His wisdom with literally thousands of precious people.  Each new day brings a roller coaster of feelings experienced with people in the challenges, tragedies, and victories of their lives.   I’m exhausted from it at the end of almost every day, but most days grateful for the gift of the ride.

The Lord has walked with me – no, within me – through all kinds of trials and battles of my own.  He’s taught me that it’s OK not to know and perfectly OK to be helplessly dependent. I’ve learned that my mistakes are not fatal. I’ve desperately studied and searched for wisdom in His Word.  God has called me into adventures of service across the world that I could never have imagined.

Your specific path is different from the one God laid out for me, but He works within and through each of us.  As He has so faithfully done for me, He is doing for you if you can only see it and surrender to it.  He wants each of us to build a life of meaning and service.  He knew all about His purpose for you even before you were conceived.  At conception, He blessed you with talents and abilities that, with the help of the Holy Spirit,  you would have the responsibility to develop and mature.

You’ve had some wonderful and some challenging-to-the-max experiences.  So have I.  But God somehow works all of those in concert to prepare you for your next divine assignments.  He calls you, and He equips you.  He empowers you with a strength not your own.

On this 34th anniversary of my business, I stand in awe of God’s goodness and His faithfulness.  No, I’m not even thinking of retirement.  I have no intentions of getting off this amazing journey of purpose until I breathe my last.

Lord, the years are whizzing by! But I know that Your timing is perfect and that I have time to do all that You have purposed for me.  I thank You and praise You for your faithfulness to me over all these years.  My heart’s cry is to be a faithful steward of all the opportunities You will ever entrust to me.  


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