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comfort zone

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit come on you, and you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.  (Acts 1: 8)

When Jesus was instructing His disciples about what would happen when the Holy Spirit came to live inside them, He first talked about dunamis power.  I love that word dunamis, from the same root word as dynamite. Dunamis is the very same miraculous power by which Jesus did miracles.  In fact, it’s the same power that raised him from the dead!  That same power is inside the believer in Christ!

Well, it’s a good thing Jesus talked about dunamis first, because then He really started meddling in their lives.  In His list of locations, he began at Jerusalem – home – where they were completely comfortable.  OK, so far so good.  Then He named places a little further away, then more distant, then even further away from the comfort of “home.” He told them, in essence, “I’m calling you out of your comfort zone.  What I have planned for you is a lot bigger than that. If you follow My call, get ready to call on My courage.  You’ll go into some places you never saw yourself going.  But if you say yes to Me, you will have a part in the most critical mission on earth.  You’ll follow my call and share in this marvelous adventure.  But you’re definitely going to need dunamis, and My Spirit will travel with you every step.”

OK, I might have taken a little liberty with the literals there.  However, I do not believe I have strayed from the spirit of Jesus’ message.

I believe that He also is calling you and me to “leave home,” to step out of our familiar experiences and into the scary, exhilirating space of the faith walk. Your opportunities and assignments may not be in other countries (or they might be!).  However, I can assure you that as God stretches you, you won’t get to stay in the land of, “I’ve got this!” .

As I mentioned before, I notice in this passage that Jesus put this commission to his disciples in a sequence – home, then next step, and next.  God trains his kids in their faith walk by giving them a challenge step manageable enough not to paralyze and overwhelm, but big enough they know it will take GOD to give them success and courage there.

 Streeetttch, truuuuust, breathe!  Learn, rest, regroup.

Now hear His new call, and travel even further out of your comfort zone. Streeeetttch, truuuust, breathe!

I have experienced this process so many times.  I never fail to have some anxiety when it’s time to stretch again.  However, I’ve seen God come through so many times now, it’s not nearly so scary to step out into the unknown.

It’s been my experience that the greatest things in life never happen in comfort zones.  Jesus knew that, and He supplied God’s Spirit to give us the power to launch out.  What are God’s Spirit and the hints in life calling you to take a risk and do?  What are you waiting for?.

Give me the courage to trust You and step out, O God.  Forgive me for selfishly avoiding discomfort and thus missing Your assignments and blessings.  I commit to say, “YES!” when You call, and I will choose to step out in Your dunamis power!  Thank you for trusting me with tough assignments, Lord!

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