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For we live by faith, not by sight. (II Corinthians 5: 7)

The other day I was talking with a friend who has been going through a boat load of adversity.  She’s tried to hang on, to keep pushing against a wall of hardship, and to keep the faith.  However, she confessed to me, “I’m running very low on faith in this.  I’ve just about used it all up.”

What she didn’t realize at the time was the God has a ready supply of His faith – new every morning and throughout the day. You don’t have to conjure it up on your own. He has plenty for you, and He will not withhold it from you if you ask and surrender.

I believe that every encounter with significant adversity will bring a crisis of faith.  Either your faith will ultimately become stronger, or it will grow weaker. Your faith won’t stay the same when you’ve been through tragedy and trauma.  Some ups and downs are certainly normal, but in the end, your vote will be the deciding one about how you will land – angry and distant from God or clinging to Him more tightly than ever.

Especially when you cannot see, you must dig deep into the reservoir of faith that God has placed inside you and that the Word has increased within you! If your faith tank feels about a quart (or more) low, begin to fill it up with these 3 proven strategies.

  1. Devour God’s Word.

Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the Word about Christ.  (Romans 10: 17)

The more of God’s Word that you hide in your mind and heart, the more faith builds within you.  You gradually begin to believe what God says – no matter what your situation looks like, what your emotions feel like, or how the nay-sayers pontificate.  Stay away from those negative people, anyway.  And that leads us to Number 2.

2.  Surround yourself with positive, faith-filled people.

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing. (I Thessalonians 5: 11)
The people you hang out with will affect your courage, and boy, do you need courage when you’re struggling with troubles!  They will either be en-couragers (infusing you with courage) or dis-couragers (robbing you of boldness and bravery in the midst of hardship).  Which should you choose to surround yourself with?  Well, that’s a no-brainer!

3.  Invite the Holy Spirit to completely control you and fill you to overflowing.

Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit.  (Ephesians 5: 18)

What happens when an individuals get drunk?  The alcohol controls their thinking, their speaking, and their acting.  Unfortunately, giving oneself over to the control of alcohol does not end well.  However, Paul used this “drunk’ situation as a metaphor for what happens when folks surrender to the Holy Spirit, letting go of personal control.  Yes, their thinking changes, and they perceive their situations differently.  Their words become more positive and aligned with God’s beliefs about them. Their prayer life comes alive.  People who have been filled with the Holy Spirit (over and over again) live differently.  They are not without life struggles, but their desperate reliance on Him fuels their faith.  The Holy Spirit will do the same for you and for me.

My Lord, You said that You have given me the measure of faith.  In the same way that I walk in faith though I don’t see it, I choose to believe in faith even though I can’t feel it. Holy Spirit, fill me with faith!  Let Your faith overflow into the lowest and the highest places in my life.  Give me the courage to pick up one foot, then another, and keep on walking! 


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  1. idahoninernut says:

    So wise. Thank you for these steps of truth to hold on to during trials and tribulations. Love your daily encouragement.

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